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Which types of insurance policies are right for me?

What could happen to create a financial crisis in your life?

Is this something you can simply avoid? Is this risk going to go away with time? Get bigger? There is some risk in everything we do. Most risks are small, and most are avoidable. But what about the big ones, like losing your income to disability or death or losing your home to a fire?

These risks can’t always be avoided, but they’re big enough that they can’t be ignored, either. They need to be assigned to someone else.

For those risks you need to assign, how much coverage do you need?

How much would it cost to replace your home or auto? How many assets do you need to protect from lawsuits? How about your INCOME – what if it was to vanish because of your death or disability? You can work with your insurance professional on those, reach out to us, or try these handy online tools:

• Calculate your life insurance needs here »
• Calculate your disability insurance needs here »