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Retirement Planning


I want to be financially secure when I retire

Do you know what you’ll be able to spend in retirement?

Planning far in the future can be complicated. You’ll want to consider things like inflation, investment growth rates, retirement age, longevity, and salary increases. Most financial advisors have robust software that helps with these calculations. If you’re enterprising, a web search for retirement calculators will return hundreds of links. Want help? Reach out to us!

Do you know what you want to do in retirement?

Going into retirement without a clear vision is a recipe for stress. Many feel they have lost their identity, or no longer feel valuable. And often times, it can lead to plain old boredom!

Not sure where to start planning for what you’re going to do in retirement? This long list might help to get the ‘creative juices’ going. Happily, many people in retirement find ways of staying even busier and more engaged than they were during their working years!

Are you making the best of the retirement plans you have available?

Retirement plans vary greatly from one employer to another. Most employees come nowhere near to maximizing the benefit they can get from these. For a deep dive into your Employer’s Plan, contact your HR Manager or reach out to us.