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I want to be less stressed about changes in the market

It’s important to know WHY you’re investing. For each investment you have you need to identify:

What’s it there for?
If you don’t have a goal for an investment, MAKE ONE. And “leave it for heirs” is okay as a goal.

How much volatility can you accept?
One way of determining the answer is: How are you invested now? Do you feel you’ll need to change investments if the value drops? Do you feel you’re missing out on upside? If you answer ‘no’ to both those questions, you may be on the right track, risk-wise.

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Are you diversified properly? Every day, there are some investments that go up and some that go down. By diversifying, you’re reducing the chance that everything goes down, all at once. Places to check for diversification:

  • Industry Sector (Tech, Healthcare, etc.)
  • Type of investment (Stock, Bond, Other)
  • Geography (US or other country)
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