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I want to ensure my family’s financial security for the future

People routinely avoid estate planning. If you feel you’re one of them, identify the reason you’re putting it off:

a. I don’t have the time
b. I don’t want to think about dying
c. I don’t understand it
d. I don’t think I’ll have an estate to worry about

Taking some small steps now can help. For example:

  • Jot down all of your assets and next to each one, jot down who should get those at your death
  • Find out what your current beneficiary designations are. A lot of retirement plan providers have this information online – if not, give ‘em a quick call!
  • Talk to your spouse or partner (or any other person you care about) and bring up the topic.
  • Think about what you own individually or jointly with someone else.

You’ll find that you feel a lot better when you’ve taken some steps on estate planning.

Did you ever notice how good you feel when you’ve tackled something you’d been delaying for a long time?  Estate planning is one of those things. The most frequent remark we hear from people is “That was easy. Why didn’t I do that earlier?”