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Employee wellness is a key component of an effective HR program, and Financial Wellness is a significant part of any good wellness program. Financial Fitness, like physical fitness, results in lower HR costs, higher satisfaction and better outcomes for your employees.

Interested in a financial fitness program, custom designed for your employees? Penobscot Financial Advisors is building that program. The Financial Fitness Center is still under construction and your thoughts and feedback will be an essential part of that process. Read on for more information about the resources and activities we’re developing to help you help your employees reach their optimal financial fitness! 

We are interested in one thing:

Motivating as many of your employees as possible to take action to improve their financial fitness.

Our Financial Fitness Center will help your employees to:

  • Assess their financial wellness (their FitScore)
  • Identify Financial Fitness programs specific to the areas they want or need to improve
  • Track their FitScore improvements along the way and provide access to more resources, both within your benefits structure and outside.
  • Keep motivated to maintain their new levels of financial health.

What is Financial Fitness?

Financial Fitness is a balanced approach to these six key areas. Click on any of the areas below to get a preview of some of the resources and activities the Financial Fitness center will offer to your employees.

Let’s stay in touch!

We’d be happy to send you news and updates on our progress as we build the Financial Fitness Center. Please enter your contact information below to stay up to date as new activities and resources become available.