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As business owners and HR professionals, you understand the benefits of supporting the physical health and wellbeing, as well as the continuing education of your employees. Perks like career training, and health and wellness programs are becoming standard features of many benefit packages.

What if you offered a program that educated and empowered your employees to take control over their financial health as well?

In today’s highly competitive hiring environment, companies and employers need to offer the types of incentive programs that will set them apart, and help attract and retain the most qualified and talented job candidates.

Penobscot Financial Advisors is building that program! We are working with employers and employees of organizations like yours to customize the Financial Fitness Center to address your needs, and the needs of your staff. But we want to hear from you, too!

More about you:

Tell us about your goals and the challenges facing your organization by completing this short survey. Your input will help us develop a fitness program that educates and empowers your employees to reach their optimal financial fitness!

We provide resources to support our employees in reaching their financial goals

Our employees have good financial health

Our resources for our employees are easy to find and use

Our employees understand our retirement plan

Our employees utilize the current benefit offerings to their fullest extent

When employees ask questions about financial matters, I feel capable of leading them to the answers

I worry about employees not understanding their benefits offerings

I spend a lot of time directing employees to the financial planning resources that are available to them

We currently offer an employee wellness program

We currently offer a financial wellness program


Your Information:

Thanks for your feedback!  We'd love to stay in touch with you as we continue to build the Financial Fitness Center. Please enter your name and email address if you'd like to receive additional information about Penobscot Financial Advisors or occasional updates on the project. And remember to stick around after you submit your responses to get a preview of the types of resources and activities we're developing for!