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What if Financial Fitness training and support was part of your benefits package?

Employers have long understood the benefits of supporting the physical health and wellbeing of their employees. Career training, and health & wellness programs that offer incentives and support top the list of perks for many professionals and job candidates.

What if your company offered a program that educated and empowered you to take control over your financial health as well?

Penobscot Financial Advisors is building that program! We are working with employers to customize the Financial Fitness Center to address your needs, as their employee. But we want to hear from you, too!

More about you:

Tell us how you feel about your financial health by completing this short survey. And stick around after you're finished to get a sneak peak at some of the resources and activities we're developing for the Financial Fitness center.

How do you feel about your finances?

I am happy with my current financial situation.

I feel confident in my understanding of personal finance principles

I feel in control of my finances

I am not sure what debts to pay down more aggressively

If something happened to me, my family would have what they need

I have a plan for what my retirement will look like

I know who my beneficiaries are on all of my accounts and insurance policies

How do you feel about the resources and support provided by your employer?

My employer has resources available to help me improve my financial wellness

My employer's resources are easy to find and use

I understand my employer's benefits package

I use the HR resources available to me to their fullest extent

I feel supported by HR and can go to them with questions that I have

If my employer offered additional tools to support my financial wellness, I would use them.

I participate in my employer's wellness program

I participate in my employer's financial wellness program


Your Information:

Thanks for your feedback!  We'd love to stay in touch with you as we continue to build the Financial Fitness Center. Please enter your name and email address if you'd like to receive additional information about Penobscot Financial Advisors or occasional updates on the project. And remember to stick around after you submit your responses to get a preview of the types of resources and activities we're developing for!