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I want to save more


Be honest with yourself about where you are

You’re not going to solve this by putting your head in the sand. If you’re not happy with your cash or debt management, the hardest thing to do can sometimes be simply facing your situation. But until you do, you lack the power to improve. Track your spending. Tally up your debts. Face your situation. NOW, you’re moving forward.

Determine your trajectory

Where you’re headed is way more important than where you are. Are you getting further ahead or further behind? Do you have more money in your savings account than you did a year ago? Less? Has your debt level increased or decreased over the past few months? Over the past year?

If you aren’t sure, use today’s numbers as your starting point and track these numbers again over the next few months. You’ll get a good idea of which direction you’re headed.

How do you accomplish this tracking? There are some great online tools that can help. Sources like Digit can be great trackers and motivators! Not a “techie”? Put these numbers on a note card that you will see routinely. Tape it to the fridge or hang on your closet door.


Develop the habit of making small improvements

Figure out how to save money. Somewhere. Anywhere! You’d be surprised at all the potential areas where you can save if you really want to. Need ideas?